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My Review of Pepsi 1893.

I decided to try a new product called Pepsi 1893. Apparently its supposed to be how Pepsi was in its founding year (made from "sugar, water, caramel, lemon oil, nutmeg, and other natural additives"). Its all pretty hipsterish, but how can I say no to old-timey Gay Nineties Pepsi? Tastes good and refreshing, less tart … Continue reading My Review of Pepsi 1893.


1964-65 World’s Fair Viewmaster Reels

A blast from the past in glorious Kodachrome! Front of General Tour. Unisphere pictured. Back of General Tour. Front of Night Scenes and Amusement Area. Fireworks and Fountain pictured. Back of Night Scenes and Amusement Area. Front of Federal and State Area. New York State Pavilion pictured. Back of Federal and State Area. Front of … Continue reading 1964-65 World’s Fair Viewmaster Reels