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Pigs in a Parody.

In the spring of 1933, Walt Disney released what unexpectedly became one of his studio's biggest hits, Three Little Pigs. The short cartoon, and the original song it contained, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?, became smash hits. The story of these pigs literally keeping the wolf away from their door and their defiant song connected with … Continue reading Pigs in a Parody.


“Boo Boo Theme Song!” (1933)

Day 17: Today we have another, later entry in the "Screen Songs" series, "Boo Boo Theme Song!", originally released on October 3, 1933. By 1933, the series always contained a live action appearance by a popular performer or group, in this case the now-forgotten "Funnyboners". Unfortunately, when the cartoons were reissued for television in the … Continue reading “Boo Boo Theme Song!” (1933)