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My Review of Pepsi 1893.

I decided to try a new product called Pepsi 1893. Apparently its supposed to be how Pepsi was in its founding year (made from "sugar, water, caramel, lemon oil, nutmeg, and other natural additives"). Its all pretty hipsterish, but how can I say no to old-timey Gay Nineties Pepsi? Tastes good and refreshing, less tart … Continue reading My Review of Pepsi 1893.


Historic Wallace, Idaho: Part III

A couple more historic buildings in Wallace. On the left, the Arment Building, built in 1911, just a year after the town barely escaped complete annihilation in the Big Burn of 1910. On the right, a more unusual landmark, the old Oasis Bordello, which opened in 1895 and operated for 93 years before being shut … Continue reading Historic Wallace, Idaho: Part III