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Pigs in a Parody.

In the spring of 1933, Walt Disney released what unexpectedly became one of his studio's biggest hits, Three Little Pigs. The short cartoon, and the original song it contained, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?, became smash hits. The story of these pigs literally keeping the wolf away from their door and their defiant song connected with … Continue reading Pigs in a Parody.


The Rise and Fall of the Marble Bank Building.

This is the story of a long-lost building, the Marble Bank Building (1893), in Spokane, Washington. Its history is well-documented here, it was a building of small size but amazing opulence. The bank that constructed it failed mere weeks before it was to move into the building, the Old National Bank ultimately bought the building … Continue reading The Rise and Fall of the Marble Bank Building.

Downtown Spokane, Then and Now.

It's always fascinating to look at old photographs of cities, and a nice recent development has been Google Street View which has made it easy to see what these locations look like today. I recently found a bunch of nice pictures of downtown Spokane in the 1950s and found what they look like in modern … Continue reading Downtown Spokane, Then and Now.

RIP Downtown Spokane Macy’s (1914-2016)

Unfortunate news. I liked that downtown Spokane had an old-fashioned '50s-style department store still operating when most similar stores closed their doors decades ago. One of the things I love about Spokane is that old-timey stuff like this sticks around for so long. At least it seems that the old building will stick around, albeit … Continue reading RIP Downtown Spokane Macy’s (1914-2016)

Arlington Memorial Bridge (1932/1951)

A bronze statue "Valor" on the Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington D.C. The bridge memorializes the Civil War, as well as celebrating national unity, symbolically linking the North (D.C.) and the South (Virginia). One of two statues on either side of the roadway, the other being a similar statue called "Sacrifice". The bridge was completed … Continue reading Arlington Memorial Bridge (1932/1951)