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Constitution Day: 1787, 1937 and 2017.

In honor of our Constitution's 230th anniversary, a couple of political cartoons celebrating the 150th anniversary in 1937. They're 80 years old and yet remain a timeless affirmation of American values. They speak to why our system of government and our rights and freedoms are so valuable. These things are something many today either take … Continue reading Constitution Day: 1787, 1937 and 2017.


Pigs in a Parody.

In the spring of 1933, Walt Disney released what unexpectedly became one of his studio's biggest hits, Three Little Pigs. The short cartoon, and the original song it contained, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?, became smash hits. The story of these pigs literally keeping the wolf away from their door and their defiant song connected with … Continue reading Pigs in a Parody.

“Swing You Sinners” (1930)

Day 31: The month is over and Halloween has arrived, so I'll celebrate with possibly the craziest cartoon of the 1930s. The Fleischer Talkartoon "Swing You Sinners", originally released on September 24, 1930, uses the 1930 song "Sing You Sinners" as a jumping off point and then escalates the weird and wild animation and gags … Continue reading “Swing You Sinners” (1930)

“Bimbo’s Initiation” (1931)

Day 28: Another weird but entertaining entry from Fleischer Studios' "Talkartoon" series. "Bimbo's Initiation", originally released on July 24, 1931, features the title character pursued by a very determined secret society through an underground labyrinth of booby traps. One of the studio's most acclaimed films, it's wonderfully creative and unique, with some great animation as … Continue reading “Bimbo’s Initiation” (1931)