Month: June 2017

My Review of Pepsi 1893.

I decided to try a new product called Pepsi 1893. Apparently its supposed to be how Pepsi was in its founding year (made from "sugar, water, caramel, lemon oil, nutmeg, and other natural additives"). Its all pretty hipsterish, but how can I say no to old-timey Gay Nineties Pepsi? Tastes good and refreshing, less tart … Continue reading My Review of Pepsi 1893.


Downtown Spokane, Then and Now.

It's always fascinating to look at old photographs of cities, and a nice recent development has been Google Street View which has made it easy to see what these locations look like today. I recently found a bunch of nice pictures of downtown Spokane in the 1950s and found what they look like in modern … Continue reading Downtown Spokane, Then and Now.


Just another thing I ran across recently. Not to be confused with the current program that bears the same name, this was a local program from WCBS in New York City that reran older movies. It had a nice opening with some attractive 1960s graphic design and a catchy opening theme. WCBS's┬áThe Late Show opening … Continue reading Clock-watching.